Sunday, December 11, 2011

Department of Electronics and Communication

I always liked and will always like Electronics and Communications department at PESIT. The very fact that the professors teach well and guide the students in the professional and personal capacity while doing minimal damage to the creativity of students, made the department very special. Plus I honestly want to believe that I've had the best time with my classmates. Sharath, Ramesh, Raghavendra Gali, Rakesh, Ramakrishna Kini, Vanishree, Abhitha, Sridevi etc are some of my classmates who made my stay at PESIT memorable.

Community Development Program
Under Geetha Prakash Ma'am, we initiated the community development program. Under this program, we identified few underprivileged government schools, invite them to PESIT campus and do activities to enable better learning. This included science model making, interactive teaching (video, flash simulation of outer space etc), science quizzes etc. Later we invited other schools as well and held the competitions. The sense of satisfaction that one gets when we give back to the society is immense.

IEEE Student Body
As a member of Executive board of IEEE student chapter, I worked closely with the IEEE GOLD (Graduates of Last Decade) for a successful event at PESIT. Also, along with the chairman, Sharath AS and the faculty counselor, Usha Raghunath, we conducted a few workshops and designed the IEEE student website. Its a pity that it wasn't integrated with PES website but the effort didn't go total waste since the website ran from my personal webspace for quite some time.

Artificial Neural Network Project
Under Prof. Koshy George, a team of students consisting of Sharath AS, Raghavendra Gali, Jayesh Bhat and I completed a project titled "Identification and Control of a dynamical non linear system using Artificial Neural Network". It was an excellent learning experience, working on algorithms, comparing ANN with Volterra Series and getting guidance from Prof. Koshy George, one of the best professors at PESIT.

Just one Qualm with the department.

The Best Outgoing Student Award
The way how our department chose the best outgoing student for the batch of 2013 was really hurting. Ours was a batch of super stars. We believed that the choice of the best student would be tough. I'll narrate a story to illustrate how it was selected.

== Story Starts ==

The King lion wanted to award the best student of the forest. The good candidates in the school were the following.

1) Kapish - The Monkey : Very talented multi-tasker, good at academics, good leader and technically very sound.

2) Parith - The Jackal : Smartest person in school, teacher's pet, excellent in communication, has published an international paper.

3) Seema - The Swan : Hardworker, part of many teams which has won inter forest competitions, good at making scientific models.

4) Gardak - The Horse : Excellent sportsperson, very amiable and college's sports society head.

The announcer gets on stage and tells "The best outgoing student award goes to : NO ONE.. The school has forgotten to give us the name yet.."

Then a teacher from that school runs to the back stage, whispers something to the announcer.. The announcer comes back on stage and announces :

The award goes to Cheeku - The Rabbit
Cheeku has been regular to class and writes notes, has been completing all the assignments on time and does the lab experiments regularly and notes true values.

== End of Story ==

No offense to Cheeku, we all respected her but my question since then has been "What is the criteria for selecting the Best Outgoing Student" ??
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